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AnnMarie’s Tee


The AnnMarie design is simple and subtle.  Even though the fight against human trafficking can be insanely complicated and overwhelming, we love that the little things actually do change the big things.  Restoration is not one dramatic act, but daily reminders of truth and freedom and hope.

Dress it up or dress it down, this gray unisex tee is the coziest and simplest reminder that we can fight for justice here in our own city.

Emma’s Tee


This OG doodle started it all–the belief that college students can participate in anti-trafficking work and the project to make it happen.  It is named Emma’s Tee after our co-founder’s little sister, because whenever we think about the girls closest to us it’s easy to imagine what lengths we would go to to save them.  These victims are sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, and, above all, PEOPLE.

With this cozy black tee, the design is as simple as the message behind it.  No one deserves to be sold.  And we will not let trafficking continue in our city.

Kaiya’s Tee


Free, free indeed.  When we’ve been broken and bound for so long, it is hard to recognize our freedom once we have it.  The chains we once wore are painful but familiar, hindering but understood.  Being completely unrestricted feels strange–sometimes strange enough that we unintentionally put ourselves back in bondage, back in chains.  Sometimes these girls leave their life of freedom to return to painful familiarity.  We fight for them still.  We fight for true, contagious, and continuous freedom.  Our joy is that when we are free, we are free indeed.  This gray, long-sleeve freedom tee is perfect for warm fall layers and standing up for true justice and freedom.