Meet The Team:

Erin Coggins

Co-Founder + Team Dreamer

Erin began dreaming about engaging college students in anti-trafficking work and found the most incredible team to help put it into action.  She will graduate in May with a degree in Social Work and a minor in Communication Studies.  She currently doodles new product designs and works to train the Leadership Team to continue the project after she graduates and pursues plans to work full-time in anti-trafficking direct services.  Her creativity, consistency, and passion to watch other students grow into advocates for survivors allows her to lead and support Not In My City Project.

Sydney Welch

Co-Founder + Advocacy Team Coordinator

Sydney has played a crucial role in the creation of this project and the goal to engage and mobilize college students on UNC Charlotte’s campus.  She is a junior studying Accounting and Legal Studies, bringing logic and structure to the table at every part of the project’s development.  She currently serves in managing and packaging products while also coordinating and supporting the Advocacy Team.  Sydney’s deep love for justice and the victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking compels her to serve our city with her whole heart.

Eden Still

Rep Team Coordinator

Eden is a junior at UNC Charlotte pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.  Initially, she heard about human trafficking through an assignment in her high school English class.  As she began to continue her research, she was floored to find out that North Carolina is consistently among the top ten states for reported human trafficking cases, and that within North Carolina, Charlotte is consistently the number one city for cases of human trafficking.  She began praying about how to get involved in combating this issue in her own community.  Fast forward to August 2017, Eden joined the Rep Team to host awareness events on UNC Charlotte’s campus and now serves as the Rep Team Coordinator.  She brings genuine kindness and dedication to our team as she coordinates awareness events and ensures our Rep Team Volunteers feel supported and equipped to advocate on behalf of survivors.  

Grace Harrell

Marketing Coordinator

Grace is a sophomore student at UNC Charlotte earning a degree in Communications Studies with a focus in Mass Media.  She was introduced to the realities of sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking before moving to Charlotte when she read the book Unashamed by Christine Caine.  She was horrified to find that the most beautiful city was also a main hub for human trafficking.  She began serving on the Rep Team, and moved to serving as our Marketing Coordinator in 2018.  Grace brings bubbling energy and encouragement to our team as she uses her interpersonal skills to produce creative written newsletters, social media posts, and other forms of communication and marketing.

We’d love to meet you and dream together!  Our hope is that as you hear the stories of the captives that have been set free, the stories of students who are using their voice to advocate for those who have been silenced, the stories of real lives radically changed–and that you will choose to stir up freedom with us.  We hope you hear this and choose to stand up and say, “human trafficking is not welcome here–Not in My City.”

Rep Team:

Rep Team Members raise awareness to the topic of human trafficking on behalf of Not In My City Project and Present Age Ministries.  They are responsible for organizing, implementing, and hosting 2 awareness events on UNC Charlotte’s campus per semester while fostering positive connections with organizations on campus and in the community.

Advocacy Team:

Advocacy Team Members organize non-presenting forms of awareness and advocacy on campus.  Team members also assist in promoting and packaging Not In My City Project (NIMCP) products to encourage sales that provide funding for direct services at Present Age Ministries (PAM).  Advocacy Team Members will be responsible for advertising NIMCP products via social media twice per month and organizing one event or campaign per semester.

Conference Team:

The Conference Team is responsible for coordinating and planning an anti-trafficking conference to be held on UNC Charlotte’s campus on April 14th, 2018.  Stay tuned for more details!  Our hope is to bring students from all disciplines to further equip and educate students to engage in anti-trafficking work.