What is Not In My City Project?

The Not In My City Project is a local initiative to mobilize college students by training them to raise awareness within their own spheres of influence and enabling them to help provide funds for direct services for survivors.  We work to accomplish this goal by doing two things:

  1. We equip students to raise awareness within their own circles of influence by providing training and mentorship throughout the school year.  Each Not In My City Project Rep Team Member will host 3 awareness events on campus over the course of the school year, hoping to increase education surrounding this issue.

We love our advocates; they are so important to increasing education and awareness.  Interested in joining the team? Click here!

Interested in having a Rep Team Member speak to your on-campus organization? Click here!

  1. We create and sell the coziest t-shirts to inspire and encourage the fight for freedom.  The proceeds from each purchase are donated to direct services for victims and survivors provided by Present Age Ministries.

Our Advocacy Team Members help us advertise and package products.  They also hold creative non-presenting Advocacy Events, like photoshoots or tabling on campus!  Want to join in on the party? Click here!

Present Age Ministries is a local 501(c)3 organization dedicated to combatting the sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking of teen girls.  Learn more about them here! In addition, each purchase comes with bursts of confetti and additional awareness materials to continue education even beyond wearing a freedom tee.



Why do we do what we do? Why do we believe in college students?

We create t-shirts and train advocates because the girls we serve are worth it, and college students truly have the ability to change the culture.  We have found that college students are dedicated to their studies and to the world around them.  The students that we find around us break the negative millennial stereotypes as the people who are willing to sacrifice the most and believe the best.  They take action when necessary and challenge how things are with new ideas of how they should be.  And we have found that facing the reality of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking in Charlotte is no different.

Our project aims to mobilize college students but the fight does not end there.  If we can train college students on human trafficking now and provide creative avenues for service now, freedom’s reach is absolutely endless.  We will see a movement of teachers, police officers, business people, lawyers, engineers, nurses, social workers, dancers, and architects advocating for freedom.  We will see people educating their coworkers.  We will see people identifying risk factors and reporting warning signs.  We will see people loving our girls well.  We will see freedom and redemption and change.  We will see a new city.  We will see people who have stood to say “trafficking is not welcome here–not in my city”.